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Tarot is a pictographic language without known origins, a wordless book full of symbolisms that show us the universe`s perfection.
We can give Tarot orientative and projective uses, turning it into a great self-discovery and personal growth tool. It can teach us how to analyse situations from other perspectives and help us understanding the wisdom of our life—which is our own construction—opening our selves to new possibilities.

Im not a clairvoyant nor psychic, I don`t pretend to surprise you guessing your past nor creating you a possible future. I just know the wonderful language of Tarot and I invite you to talk with it to analyse your experiences trough many prisms; to see how your past influences your present, and how you are projecting yourself into the future; to reveal what lays down in your subconscious and looking for ways to heal it.


Archetypal Healing

Archetypes are conduct patrons which we adopt conscious or unconsciously. Our lives are full of them: we can find them in mythology, stories` and television`s personages, in the roles we daily represent, in people around us... The Tarot`s Major Arcana shows us 22 universal archetypes which can represent and orientate us on the diverse processes of our lives.

From my experience as a therapist, I `ve combined the properties of Tarot`s Arcana with Reiki`s energy in one therapy; with the purpose of stimulating the Tarot`s archetypes in our energy system according to our own personal processes. This two tools are complementary and they enhance each other working together, helping the patient reaching more receptive states of consciousness and making changes in the patterns of conduct in conflict.

Archetypal Healing is good for any psycho-emotional problem, as depression, stress, insomnia, mental overactivity, indecision, insecurity, etc. It`s very useful to cut obsolete emotional ties and to focus on self improvement.


Hypnotic Visualization

This is a great relaxing method that helps us reaching deeper states of consciousness/trance. A Reiki or Massage session can be complemented with a guided visualization; that way, the patient keeps his attention fucused on what they listening to, slowly entering in more receptive states of mind for the therapy.

When our body is relaxed, our mind in silence (receptive), our emotions full and our sexual-ceative energy flowing; we channelize high frequency Cosmical Energy, which renews and unblocks our energetic flow harmonizing all of our planes.

In a guided session, the patient gets aware of the perfect working of their physical and our subtle bodies, chakras and Enegetic Sistem. Their subconscious turns susceptible to positive affirmations and imaging which are transmitted during the session to liberate our selves from troubles and old conduct patrons, accepting the manifestation of Perfection of our inner and outer world.


Reiki Sessions

Reiki is an ancestral system through which a universal healing energy is transferred by the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage psycho-emotional and/or physical healing.

Reiki acts both on our energetic system and our physical body, helping us in the evolution process of physical and psico-emotional illnesses; harmonizing all our planes. It works directly on our energetic system, making it stronger and self-sufficient to reach a better energetic fluidity.

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Energetic Massages

Since unmemorable times, humans have used their hands to heal, based on the fact that all is Energy and all energy is channelizable. In oriental medicine, the concept TAO defines humans as a totality in them selves; a manifestation of the Universe that resides within us, and from which everything comes from.

Many philosophies conceive humans as spiritual beings living an earthly experience, but we must not to give less importance to our physical bodies; by the contrary, we must find balance between our spirituality and our body, which is the most dense manifestation of our soul, emotions and thoughts.

The occidental medicine intends to eliminate symptoms without diving on the true causes that generate them; instead, holistic and oriental medicines try to look for the essential reasons we get sick from, solving our problems by understanding them from their roots and doing something about them. It is fundamental to go to the origins of illnesses to work on them from their bases, from their psycho-emotional causes. If we fight symptoms just with chemicals, certainly they will come back.

Energetic Massages help us to recover our body's natural energetic and blood flow. They also help us relieving muscular tension, relaxing our mind and awaking our consciousness. For this, it is very important the inner contact, to feel our skin, to be conscious of our organs and their processes.

Fusing Tibetan Massage with Reflexology, Chinese Acupressure, and Tantra; boosting your energetic and immune system with Reiki, you will get into deep states of relaxation, balancing the contact between your physical body and your superior being.

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