Photos by Yu-liang Liu

for BONER Magazine

(Berlin, 2019)

TrashEra Party

(Berlin, 2015 - 2020)

Photos by Hélio Beltrânio

(Sao Paulo, 2016)

Photos by Ema Discordant

(Berlin, 2016)

Photos by Lucas Dias

(Barcelona, 2015)

TrashEra Party

Event: TrashEra Senses [5 YEARS Anniversary]

(Berlin, 2020)

Photos by Ivo Hofsté

Photoshooting for the printed version of Siegessaeule`s Article.

(Berlin, 2018)

SNAX Party at Berghain

(Berlin, 2018)

Photos by Mike Dhondt

(Berlin, 2018)

Photos by Rafal Gaweda

(Berlin, 2018)

Drawings by Saul Lyons

(2018 - 2019)


"Macho Dominado"

Drawing by Michel Morales Santos