Photos by Yu-liang Liu

for BONER Magazine

(Berlin, 2019)

TrashEra Party

(Berlin, 2015 - 2020)

Photos by Hélio Beltrânio

(Sao Paulo, 2016)

Photos by Ema Discordant

(Berlin, 2016)

Photos by Lucas Dias

(Barcelona, 2015)

TrashEra Party

Event: TrashEra Senses [5 YEARS Anniversary]

(Berlin, 2020)

Photos by Ivo Hofsté

Photoshooting for the printed version of Siegessaeule`s Article.

(Berlin, 2018)

SNAX Party at Berghain

(Berlin, 2018)

Photos by Mike Dhondt

(Berlin, 2018)

Photos by Rafal Gaweda

(Berlin, 2018)

Drawings by Saul Lyons

(2018 - 2019)

"Macho Dominado"

Drawing by Michel Morales Santos


Photos by Andrea Galad

(Berlin, 2015-2016)

Photos by Luca Jacob

(Berlin, 2015)

Photos by Norbert Benike

(Berlin, 2014)

Photos by Juan Hidalgo

(Palma de Mallorca, 2013)

Photos by Paul Sixta

(Rotterdam, 2015)

Photos by Luciano Parisi

for brand TheSign

(Paris, 2014)

Photos by Laurent Bost

(Paris, 2013)

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