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Online Performance for VideoKabine - Uncensored Festival

Article for VICE Magazine

Thirst For Revenge

The Pornographic Side of Colonialism´s Hidden History

Multimedia Performance by Terrorismo Teatral Migrante

From our place of whoresons, of colonization’s putative children, we fictionalize landmarks which seem to be from the past, bringing to the stage an orgy of colonial and capitalist obscenities.

 Through installations, audiovisual material and imaginatively playing roles of “savages” in eternal captivity making imposed “shows”, we reveal deplorable historical information performing a psychomagic ritual of revenge and liberation on their behalf, while using porn-poetry to narrate the aggressions from the different industries to the lands in a porn time capsule which seems to go on in an endless loop.

Berlin, Barcelona, Brussels; 2017 - 2018.

(Producer, Performer)

"Thirst For Revenge": Scientific Racism Scene.

“Endless” Performance

at Palais de Jacques Cœur in Bourges, France. 2018.


Instintos Distintos Exhibition

“Sex and Taboos” - Group Talk 

“SEXHIBITIONISM” - Performance/Installation

Berlin, 2016.

(Performer, Moderator)